Nepal is safe and friendly for a solo woman traveler.

Traveling as a woman in some part of the world feels as if there are many restrictions based upon your gender. Unfortunately, this can deter you from booking your ticket to a particular destination and stay back home. Living in a western society where equality is antecedent, it might be hard to face that in some countries it’s not always the case. From the tattoos that you have to the clothes you wear can impact your safety during the trip. In some countries, being a solo woman traveler is a much different and eye-opening experience than traveling in a group. However – never let this face limit you.

Generalizing the situation, Nepal is safe for solo woman travelers. It’s considered safer than many other countries including its nearby neighborhood, India.

Well known fact- tourism is the staple of the Nepalese economy, and female individuals make a huge part of it. Being a solo traveler, you don’t need to feel unsafe in the capital and other famous trekking routes. Solo female travelers are welcomed graciously. You will see a number of female solo travelers in Nepal traveling alone and this is no surprise. The number of solo female travelers is quite impressive in Nepal.

Getting acknowledged with the local culture and faiths can get you better treatment during your stay. Use of some common sense and simple precaution can make a huge difference.

Dress modestly:

Nepal is not as developed and advanced in many aspects. Keeping the Nepali culture in mind, dress normally without over exposing any body part. Some society in Nepal are still conservative.

Dealing with a trekking guide:

You may choose to travel without guide but for your safety and security for the trekking to the Himalayas it’s better to have one. They will not just show you the path, but become your friend during the trip. As for the male guides, most of them are genuine and faithful to their work. You can also choose to ask for female guide.

Think before you check-in:

While booking your hotel, go for the reputation and check its review not only keeping the price in mind. Book the place that makes you feel easy and safe.

Know everything prior:

Earlier to making a solo traveling in Nepal, acquire detail information of travel route and safety measures. Know the places where you should be exactly going and things you should be doing earlier. Make a brief travel planning before you go for a trek. You must also be equally aware of native people, culture, custom, and tradition. You need to behave accordingly.


Lastly, here’s the most important key to your safety. Don’t stay outside late at night. 10 pm walk in the stress of Thamel is not an issue, but don’t walk alone in the night at other dark streets. In the trekking routes, check-in to your teahouse before 7 pm and don’t walk alone after that.

Now, these were all about the safety from another human being. What about the uncertainty of Mother Nature? This is indeed a very rare case. If you are not climbing a mountain, the maximum risk is during the monsoon. There are occasional landslide and flood during the monsoon. But what I am afraid is about the altitude sickness you might have to face. It’s a frequent case during Himal trek and you would need immediate rescue. So make sure you have insurance to rescue you in the case of an emergency.

Note: In case of emergency during the Base camp trek, you are likely to need a helicopter rescue.

Here I have been giving so much of suggestion to you that you might have started re-thinking on your solo trip plans. But these are only concepts to avoid the risk. Nepal is safe in general, but you still need to use common sense and follow local ethics for a sound stay.   

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