Soulful Nepal Holidays is a Nepalese trek company with a unique stand in the woods of trek and tours companies founded on the very base of years-long legacy. Run and managed by professionals with over 25 years of experience in the field, we ensure the adventure enthusiast reliable and safe trekking services. Our team of expertise, well-trained tour and trek guides are some of the best things we offer to our guests. Professionals acquainted with Himalayan religion, culture, lifestyle, and environment consciousness make it easier for our guests to squeeze the thrill. With English background, our guides are easy to communicate with. And the touch of professional courtesy and hospitality is a cherry on the top.

From culturally enrich cities to naturally blessed landscapes, terrains and Himalayan range, Nepal offers a wide range of adventurous activities. Soulful Nepal Holidays vows to bring you close to your dream adventure.

Located in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, Soulful Nepal Holidays is more than just a trek and tours company. We believe in service with heart. With a dream to guide the trek lovers lead a safe and a worthy journey in Nepal, Soulful Nepal Holidays provides compatible and compelling services to the guests from all over the world.

We guarantee a lifetime experience at an affordable price. For solo travelers looking for a company, leave it to the Soulful Nepal Holidays and just enjoy for the time being! For individuals who enjoy their own company, we also offer budget friendly private tours compared to the rest of the trek and tours agency.

Our experience has come in handy laying the foundation for Soulful Nepal Holidays and we thrive to keep up our legacy!

Together we make a safe, comfortable and memorable trip.

“If not now-when? Travel More!”-quote